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Hello friends of the Night

Here is finally the long awaited third Billy Moffett's Playboy Club album, brimming with Exotica, Erotica, Subliminal Messages and a kitbag full of bubbling secrets. Between you and me, who could have thought that a well-known and famous trash 70's composer, first name Frank, had simply stolen from Billy and Joe five masterpieces from their Burma Period; and who would have thought that the "M" in Boney M. stands for "Moffett" ? None of you, for sure. It came to pass namely in 1964 that Joe and Billy were sailing across the seven seas on the M.S. Damokles, a death trap under greek flag, and saved the life of the ships cook, Frank Fabian, a good number of times. Now and then, when, on account of the inedible slop, the crew was in a violent and lynching mood, the boys were able to calm them with sex chanties and other gentle ditties. But today all is know, Frank proved himself to be ungrateful. Secretly, he mixed a sleeping mixture into our treasured duo' s nightcaps, so that he could slip surreptitiously into the cabin of the drugged ones and steal from them their most precious pasty pieces. The rest is a sad take of the 70's history. Frank became a millionaire Joe and Billy remained as poor as church mice.
"Juice", This can therefore only be an attempt to make good the resulting misfortune and I call on you, gentle listener, to demonstrate that your heart is on the right place. Anyone can trim his sails to the wind, but to feed seahorses is, by comparison, somewhat harder and fundamentally everything is summed-up in the following sentence:
"Superstars may come and go, but Billy Moffett's Playboy Club will stay here forever."

Uncle Tom Moffett


Juice Ingredients:

Produced by Joe and Billy Moffett
Recorded and mixed from October to November '92
in Newton's cosy palour by Messr M. Katzer
(Room 32 & Juice), Sticken and B. Moffett.
Mastered at Studio Nord Bremen
by Bernd Steinwedel
Coverdesign (coverpainting): 4000
Coverlayout and artwork:
Beyer Liquidsky Behrens, Hamburg
Photograph of Joe and Billy:
Stefano Boragno, Bad Zwischenahn
Published by Strange Ways Records exept*

All voices and instruments on this recording
were sung and played by
A. Moffett, Big 'Betty' , Pétè 'Bilndeye', Joe 'Mirage'
and Billy Moffett, with the exception of the
enormous bass guitars which Mr. Vladimir Kutkat
was friendly enough to play. Lastnamed is a third
cousin of Joe.

"Dedicated to all confessionless funeral orators of this
earth, not ruling out dogpriests and naturally all broken
down angels."

All songs and words are written
by Joe and Billy Moffett except:
"B.O.'s Dream"
words: Joe Moffet// music: Joe Moffet/Peter Erkens
"China Rock"
words/music: (unknown)
"Rivers of Babylon"
words/music: traditional (arr.: F.Farian)
words: Reyam/F. Jay // music: F. Farian *
"Daddy Cool"
words: Reyam // music: F. Farian *
"Ma Baker"
words: Reyam/F. Jay // music: F. Farian *
"I'm gonna miss you"
words/music: F. Farian/D. Kawohl/ P. Bishop *

A few comments:
It is to be noted that there are contained in this recording subliminal messages
and dangerous "back masking". Corresspondendingly sensitiv people must reckon
with spontaneous weaking of disposition, such as exaggerated feeling of happiness
alterning with the heaviest weeping fits, or unreasonable testimonies of love combined
with voluptuous reservations.

Secret subliminal greetings to following listed persons
are hidden on this record:
Majid Katzer, Sticken, Stefano Boragno, Thanos Eftimiadis,
Ben & Cori, Laurens Behrens, Jens Kutkat, 4000, Lothar Gärtner,
The real Billy Moffett, The Perc, The Hidden Gentleman,
Michael, Silke, Ruebe and all those we forgot including
the Moffett Society.


1. Amnesia 4:37
2. Juice - morning has broken - prologue 4:09
3. Rasputin * 3:49
4. Velvet Skies 4:39
5. Daddy Cool * 3:26
6. Mondo Cannibale 3:07
7. Rivers of Babylon * 2:44
8. Room 32 3:00
9. I'm gonna miss you * 5:32
10. Raincoat Suzie Wong 2:41
11. Babies 5:18
12. Ma Baker * 3:48
13. Psychedelic Jaquline 2:38
14. China Rock 1:49
15. Juice - the rain parade - epilogue 2:40
16. B.O.'s Dream 2:21
total: 56:54


Liner notes:

1. Amnesia
The bubbing guitar intro a melancholy Russian melodiusness transports us into expanse of the American highways and into the traumatic realm of memory loss. A young weirdo is travelling back in his memory, together with flies buzzing around his girlfriend's decapitated head, packed in a liner bag.

2. Juice - morning has broken - prologue
In the sacristy of the Vatican's Sixtine Chapel where Billy and Joe (being unable to find an more inappropriate place anywhere else) were playing hide and seek with some members of the P2 lodge, they cut this Anti-clerical Stomp out of boredom. In the background the Brighton Boys' Choir was rehearsing, while Pope John Paul II was reading his "Urbi et Orbi" outside, when suddenly Beelzebub glew gruesomely out of the chimney! Hard times for our duo.

3. Rasputin
The evergreen of all egytian felache parties. The original Moffett version before Frank stole it from them. Catherine the Great treasured horses and loved Rasputin. And that on Ramadan, too! The undistinct atmosphere of this exiled russian tragedy electrifies any harem.

4. Velvet Skies
Once again a weltschmerz opus from Joe & Billy, failed lovers for the unsuccessful . Recorded in the magical aura of an elephant's graveyard in Ruanda.

5. Daddy Cool
Who is this sonorous, mysterious gentleman whom everyone calls Daddy Cool? ....... Wasn't he once seen hobbling through the night on cloven hoofes? Might he even be the Devil incarnate? The Playboy Club solves the mystery with bravure. This crude rocker is peppered with sinister, subliminal messages which will turn you, gentle listener, into a willing tool of the horned one. (see also Heinz Buddemeier "The unaudible suggestion" published by Urachhaus, Stuttgart). Billy and Joe cut this rearranged old tibetan devil's worshippers´ tune in a dilapidated cellar of a sect in Havanna, Cuba, while a black mass got out of control and Aleister Crowley tossed and turned in his unconsecrated grave.

6. Mondo Cannibale
Lie down on the earth and expect the images to form. Is this only a muggy, opiated dream or crystal-clear reality? Is it our good old self or only the beast that slumbers within us? Freely based on the Inferno of Dante's "The Divine Comedy" ........ it´s alright ........das spiel wird weitergehn.

7. Rivers of Babylon
This little jazzcracker was dazzingly staged by B.& J. at the Oberammergau Passion Plays in 1974. During the session Billy had a smoulderingeyed nun washing and anointing his feet. Joe reduced the crowd to a seething mass with his fake up stigamata-show. Later great offence was taken that the boys had wiped their arses with the Bishop of Worms' habit for lack of toilet paper and they disappeard without a word of farewell. After all carnisation was dinied them at the last moment.

8. Room 32
A direct look into the padded cell of the tormented soul. Heavy spanish nights, finger on the trigger, the protagonist bites stones, while dogs copulate on sundrenched balconies. Is anything else necessary for a comedy?

9. I'm gonna miss you
Recorded live in the "Hobbit House" in Manila, Phillippines, the one and only establishment with dwarf services. Milli and Vanilli were always sitting contendedly together in the tub, while Billy and Joe could each afford water for their own. And of this fact they are to this day still proud, even though their girls left them lost and lonely.

10. Raincoat Suzie Wong
Our heroes were invited by Carlos Pérson , the avant-garde musician, to one of his legendary fetish parties in a country house near Lousanne,Switzerland. There they got to know Raincoat Suzie Wong, a taiwanese exile who all her life had worn damp rubber raincoats (and nothing else) of which she had thousands. Billy and Joe were immediately enslaved by this harsh creature, which fact didn´t stop Suziy Wong from signing up a hitman to liqidate our two fellows in the most excruciating way possible, as the apotheosis of passion, so to say. Billy and Joe lead us here into the bizarre, alien world of fetishism/ sado- masochism, which accompanied by a senile Tibetan Buddhist Orchestra, they let shine anew in the style of an Eric Sartie opus. In 1984 Suzie Wong died from diptheria.

11. Babys
A melodrama in pseudo-Phillysound accompanied by the short-winded String Players from the Bangladesh lepercolony. Billy and Joe had the antigroove jerking in leptosome teenager legs. Whether "Babies" is a love-song, an anti drug song or only came into beeing during the dusting of their extensive rubberized-catsuite collection will certainly always remain their secret.

12. Ma Baker
A musical "cinescope" epic, the story of Ma Baker and her wayward sons. An inscestuous tragedy with a destructive ending, mother's love pushed to its limits! This spine-tingling Moffett soundtrack was filmed in 1969 by Roger Corman as "Bloody Mama", with Shelly Winter and Robert de Niro.

13. Psychedelic Jaqueline
Pygmalion - My fair Lady - Jaqueline. A huge hallicinatory operetta about unfulfilled passion recorded in the vast, endless expanse between the two peaks of Killimanjaro. As musical director they were fortunate to obtain the services of Haile Sellassi and hired, industrious Burundi Boys caught the echo of the mountains in in their hands. Only so was this tonal epic able to be captured for eternity.

14. China Rock
The text and melody of this Asiatic tone was found by chance in a chinese fortune cookie. Big Betty Moffett chirps here absolute innocence into the scales in order that blind Zen arches would never again reach their target (so went the Prophesy). Mind you, chinese pot noodles with fresh ginger pieces would have done as well. Bon appétit!

15. Juice - The Rain Parade - Epilogue
In 1979 Joe and Billy were sitting in a detention cell in a Ukrainian mountain village, where they intered for bill dodging coupled with charges of engaging in defitistic conversation. There they grappeled phonicly with their fate after a 3 day congress with other unloved , whining dissidents. The Bulgarian Secret Service (named from Radio and TV for poisoned umbrella projectiles) recorded the entire proceedings - on ground which remain hidden to this very day-and the Playboy Club was able after the fall of the Iron Curtain to buy back this musical gen in exchange for a used helanca panty hose.

16. B.O.Dream
When the Backtofront Oracle dreams, you have only to reverse the contents of the dream and it is always right. Exept in case of the Backtofront Oracle is telling lies and it does sometimes. Q.E.D. You can reverse the reversed, anyway you won't get wiser not a bit.



1. Amnesia
I put a light on you which you can't see, it will protect you from faraway eyes, from dust and misery. You walk around catfish-dress through shades of purple pills. My razor face 'n your bullet smile oh lead me with blind eyes. But I can't remember the dream when I see you in sweet sleep. I don't know who opened the door to this wild and bloody streams. Amnesia show me the stars, downtown where the old palace burns, Amnesia. when it rains I ran through the streets shot in mirrors on the walls. I feel it I dreamt it before, but I don't care at all. It cuts like a knife through my veins can't remember anymore. I drive with my car in the sun leavin' all behind and your bloody head in the sack, you can't never leave me now. The flies will never let you down, oh baby I love you so . . . Amnesia.

2. Juice
Juice is a substance of human being. Juice is floatin' ' round your body and in your body. If they cut off your head perhaps yousee yet a big sea of your own Juice. You like the Juice of the other's? Juice comes out your cock and cunt and this means pain,. Perhaps you like pain. Perhaps you like to pummp Juice into your veins to get stoned? Juice . . . uh . . . Juice! Juice is the most percent of human being. Juice is floatin' 'round your brain. Juice is sensivity, Juice is sexuality, Juice is holy, Juice is magic, Juice is life. Baby, baby I need you for Juice. Seahorses are ridin' again for Juice, seahorses are ridin' again for Juice. Lick my Juice it comes directly from my heart. It's a present from God or from Lucifer. It's hot it's rock'n'roll, it's Juice. Baby; baby it's Juice. Seahorses are ridin' again for Juice, Seahorses are riding again for Juice. Lick it up, pump it out, lick it up this nasty soup called Juice. Juice is sensivity, Juice is sexuality;
Juice is holy; Juice is magic, Juice is life. Uh lick it up, lick it up now, lick it, lick it up the Juice. Baby lick my Juice now. Ahhh baby here's the Juice. Seahorses are ridin' again for Juice!

4. Velvet Skies
My mind is floatin' while you're passin' by. My brain 's exploding (but) I can't reach the sky. Your huggy kisses melting my breath away. Your red dress is on fire while I sail away. Something 's in the way but I can't explain. Something 's in the way I can't really change. I gave you all I had in this sunken dream. Now I'm on the road I smell the air alone. Under velvet skies it feels so good. My heart is burning while you shot your head away, mhh. My tears are rollin' you can't smell the salt anymore. Your broken eyes are meltin' my breath away and your white face is still fine while I sail away, I will sail away.

6. Mondo Cannibale
Once I had a dream. Iwoke up and screamed. I was changed into a lizard. An axe cut off my tail. I was thown in cookin' water for a tasteless chins meal. Once I had a dream I woke up to scream. I was sittin' in a basement bleeding needles in my eyes. A boy named Sue took my cadaver then he falled down and died. Uhh, I was lookin'. Once I had a dream. They spit into my face. Then they nailed me crucified me for all Ihave to laugh. Tiny dwarfs paint my scumlilac cut it off and eat it up. Wake up - wake up - Smoothly I woke up. I look into your eyes. The stares shines so silver. I feel you deep inside your lips tastin' like honey. I'm on the other side. Cou off my heart my best friend - Mondo Cannibale- Show me the way I will search it for all my life. Ripp off my heart my best friend - Mondo Cannibale - Inferno it's allright - Das Spiel wird weiter geh'n.

8. Room 32
I'm in room 32. I hear strange sounde in the dark. Voices I don't understand. Who's crying in the moonlight? I'm in room 32. I feel the lifestyle of the rotten drunken poets in spanish minds are pumpin' on the bolconies. I'm in room 32. They will not find me here, they tell lies. I'm never alone. Perhaps I shot the phantom stranger. I'm in room 32. I can never leave this sphere of dawn. Heat of night will drive me mad'n'craze like a torero. I'm in room 32 where I'm bitin' my own stones. I smell the salty sea. Who play this cripple mandolines? I'm lost and lucky in room32. The sky shines mellow. My heart shines blue. I feel the trigger in my own hand. This sunken feeling of missing you. I'm lost and lucky in room 32. I'm in room32 where Madonna 's ''tween my legs. Spanish dreams she's suckin' off. Your huggy kisses I will miss. I'm in room 32 I hear strange sounds in the dark. Voices I don't understand. Who's cryin' in the moonlight?

10. Raincoat Suzie Wong
Full moon creep into my mirror. Uh, let it all hang out. You're painted naked behind my eyes I can smell your Juice. Raincoat Suzie. I hear a shot. It knocks me off my feet. I feel a terrible pain in my flesh and I'm bleedin'. But my b rain 's still clear like a waterfall, Suzie I trusted you. And you came on me with steam. Blinded me with pure white light. Raincoat Suzie where are you? Raincoat Suzie I feel blue. Raincoat Suzie where are you. I remember beautiful times. We laughed together and while I'm bleedin' on this fxxx' floor and I feel the steel in my mouth while you give me a last french kisses. You twinkle with blue eyes and fades away. And you came on me with steam. Blinded me with pure while light. Pushed me into halls of fame. Last you ate up still my mind. My mind , my sweet mind. My mind, my my mind. Raincoat Suzie where are you. Raincoat Suzie I feel blue. Bad, bad Suzie I never talk much but you talk too much. Money? I gave you everything, 2000 Raincoats in your wardrobe. It's not enough? You want more yeah, now you cut me by the balls. Suzie killed me! Bad - Bad - Suzie.

11. Babies
You came into my space, your face was astonished. Mmh, your kiss taste delightful of faraway beaches. I will love you forever. Forever . . . she was my baby. She was my baby, one more baby. And you - you are the keeper of my day and night mares. I will love you forever, forever. She was my baby, one more baby. One day you will leave me. I can't really stand. One day you will forget me, so you rpi my hear t and when you're gone pain and misery will hurt my body. I'm alone. Oh,yeah.! With my own tragedies and my own miseries. Baby, one more baby. Bah, bah ,bah, bah. One more baby and one more baby. All those babies, here in a row. My soul is on fire, you - you blew my mind out. You're voice sounds so smooth like a weekend in heaven. Your body is shinin' , shinin'. I know I will destroy you. I will hurt you forever. Forever you are my baby. She was my baby, one more baby. She was my baby. One more baby. She was my baby. God damn'' babies!

16. B.O.'s Dream
When you wake up in the morning light, I will wake up too. Will you sing me a lallabye, when I'm sad and blue. Will you love me forever? I will love you too. And I do what I can. Roll over you. Mmh, you're kissin' and huggin' me in those endless nights. I will protect you from evil things. I will fight for our rights. Will you love me for ever? I will love you too. I do what I can. Roll over you. And I love you forever, uhuhuh, will you love me too, uhuhuh. I do what I can. Roll over you. I can't see why all the people are so stoned and hungry. I can't see why the rosebuds cut their faces. I can't see why all we loosers searchin' gold and power. I can't see . . . And I love you forever, will you love me too? I do what I can, roll over you. And I love you forever. And I love you!



Hallo Freunde der Nacht !

Hier ist es nun endlich, das lang ersehnte, dritte Billy Moffett's Playboy Club - Album voll Exotica, Erotik, subliminalen Botschaften und einen Seesack voller prickelnder Geheimnisse ! Mal im Vertrauen, wer hätte gedacht, daß ein berühmt berüchtigter Schundkomponist der Siebziger mit Vornamen Frank, Billy und Joe fünf Meisterwerke ihrer Burma-Phase einfach gestohlen hat und wer hätte gedacht, daß das "M" im Signum "Boney M." für "Moffett" steht. Von euch sicherlich keiner. Es ergab sich nähmlich im Jahre 1964, daß Joe und Billy sich auf einem Seelenverkäufer unter griechischer Flagge, der M.S. Damokles über die sieben Weltmeere schipperten und dem Smutje Frank Fabian wiederholt das Leben retteten. Konnten sie doch das ein oder andere Mal die , wegen dem ungenießbaren Fraß, aufgehetze und in lynchstimmung befindliche Mannschaft mit einigen Sexchanties und anderem zartem Liedgut zur Raison bringen. Doch heute ist bekannt, Frank zeigte sich undankbar. Mischte er doch unserem geschätzten Duo heimlich ein Schlafmittel in den Rum, um sich des Nachts verstohlen in die Kabinen der so narkotisierten zu schleichen und ihnen ihre wertvollsten Partituren zu stehlen. Der Rest ist ein trauriges Stück Geschichte der 70er! Frank wurde Millionär - Billy und Joe blieben arm wie die Kirchenmäuse.
"Juice" kann daher also nur ein Versuch sein, entstandenes Leid wieder gutzumachen und ich appelliere Leid an Dich, geneigtem Hörer, zeig auch Du, daß Du dein Herz auf dem rechten Fleck hast. Die Fahne nach dem Wind drehen kann jeder, Seepferdchen zu füttern hingegen ist ungleich schwerer und im Grunde ist mit dem folgendem Satz eigentlich schon alles gesagt:
" Superstars kommen und gehen, doch Billy Moffett's Playboy Club wird es immer geben !"

Uncle Tom Moffett


Saft Zutaten

Produziert von Joe "Mirage"und Billy Moffett.
Aufgenommen von Oktober bis Dezember '92 in Newton's guter Stube
von den Herren M.Katzer (Juice, Room 32) , Sticken und B.Moffett.
Mastered im Studio Nord Bremen von Bernd Steinwedel.
Umschlagentwurf: 4000
Umschlaggestaltung und Schriftsatz:
Beyer Liquidsky Behrens, Hamburg
Fotografien von Joe und Billy:
Stefano Boragno, Bad Zwischenahn
Verlegt bei Strange Ways Records außgenommen *
Alle Stimmen und Instrumente auf diesem Tonträger wurden gesungen oder gespielt
von A. Moffett, Big "Betty", Pétè "Blindeye", Joe "Mirage" und Billy Moffett außgenommen
einiger enormen Bassgitarren, die Herr Vladimir Kutkat freundlich genug war, sie zu spielen.

Gewidmet allen konfessionslosen Grabrednern dieser Erde, Hundepriester nicht ausgeschlossen!

Hinweis in eigener Sache:
Es wird darauf hingewiesen, daß auf diesem Tonträger subliminale Botschaften und gefährliches "back masking" enthalten sind. Entsprechend sensibele Personen müssen mit spontanen Gemütsschwankungen rechnen, wie übertriebene Glücksgefühle im Wechsel mit schwersten Weinkrämpfen oder unangebrachte Liebesbekundungen mit schlimmen Hintergedanken.

1. Amnesia Dieser flockige Gitarrenopener mit melodischem Russenschmelz führt uns in die Weite der amerikanischen Highways und ins traumatische Reich des Gedächtnisschwunds. Ein junger Weirdo fährt mit dem fliegenumschwirrten abgeschnittenen Kopf seiner Freundin, verpackt in einen Leinensack, zurück in die Erinnerung. Exotischer Stoff frei nach Sam Peckingpah's "Bringt mir den Kopf von Alfredo Garcia."

2. Juice - Morning has broken - Prologue In der Sakristei der sixtinischen Kapelle des Vatikans wo Billy und Joe sich vor der P2-Loge versteckt hielten (einen unpassenderen Platz konnten sie nirgends finden) spielten sie aus Langeweile einen Anti-Klerikal-Stomp ein, im Hintergrund übte der Knabechor Brighton, draußen verließt John Paul II sein "Urbi et Orbi", während Beelzebub grausend aus dem Kamin flüchtete. Harte Zeiten für unsere Zwei.

3. Rasputin Der Dauerbrenner auf allen ägyptischen Felachenparties. Die Originalversion der Moffetts bevor Frank sie ihnen stahl. Katharina die Große schätzte Pferde und liebte Rasputin. Und das am Ramadan. Die unverfälschte Athmosphäre dieser exilrussischen Tragödie sprengt jeden Harem.

4.Velvet Skies Einmal mehr ein Weltschmerzopus von Joe und Billy. Von erfolglosen für erfolglose Liebhaber/innen. In der magischen Aura eines Elefantenfriedhofes in Ruanda eingespielt.

5. Daddy Cool Wer ist dieser sonore geheimnissevolle Gentleman, den alle Daddy Cool nennen. Sah man ihn nicht schon einmal mit Eselshuf durch die Nacht humpeln? Ist er gar der Leibhaftige? Der Playboy Club löste das Problem mit Bravour. Dieser krude Rocker ist gespickt mit sinistren subliminalen Botschaften, die aus dir , geneigtem Hörer, das willige Werkzeug des Gehörnten machen sollen (siehe auch: Heinz Buddemeier, "Die unhörbare Suggestion", Urachhausverlag,Stuttgart ) . Diese umarrangierte alte tibetanische Teufelsanbeterweise spielten Billy und Joe in einem heruntergekommenen Sektenkeller in Havanna, Kuba ein. während eine schwarze Messe aus den Fugen geriet und Aleister Crowley sich im un geweihten Grab umdrehte.

6. Mondo Cannibale Leg dich auf die Erde und warte bis die Bilder kommen. Ist es nun ein schwüler opiater Traum oder die glasklare Wirklichkeit? Ist es unser Alterego oder nur das Tier das in uns schlummer ? Frei nach Dantes "Göttlicher Komödie" ... Inferno it's alright ... das Spiel wird weitergehen!

7. Rivers of Babylon Auf den Oberammergauer Passionsspielen 1974 wurde dieser kleine Christenjazzcracker fulminant von Billy und Joe in Szene gesetzt. Während des Spiels ließ Billy sich die Füsse von einer gluhtäugigen Nonne waschen und salben. Joe brachte mit seiner getürkten Stigmata-Show die Menge zum Brodeln. Später wurde ihnen allerdings übelgenommen, daß sie sich, in Ermangelung von Toilettenpapier, mit der Kutte des des Weihbischofs von Worms, den Arsch abwischten und ohne Gruß verschwanden. So blieb ihnen im letzten Moment die Heiligsprechung doch noch verwehrt.

8. Room 32 Ein Blick direkt in die Gummizelle der gequälten Seele. Schwüle spanische Nächte, den Finger am Abzug, der Protagonist beißt Steine während Hunde auf sonnendurchfluteten Balkonen kopulieren. Braucht es noch mehr Stoff für eine Komödie?

9. I'm gonna miss you Live eingespielt im "Hobbit House" in Manila, Phillippinen, dem einzigen Etablissement mit Zwergenservice. Milli und Vanilli saßen gern zu zweit in der Badewanne, während Billy und Joe sich immer das Wasser für eine eigene leisten konnten. Und darauf sind sie bis heute stolz, auch wenn ihre Mädchen sie trotzdem einsam zurückließen.

10. Raincoat Suzie Wong Unsere Helden wurden von Carlos Péron dem Avant-Garde Musiker auf eine seiner legendären Fetischparties in einem Landhaus bei Lausanne, Schweiz geladen. Dort lernten sie Raincoat Suzie Wong kennen, eine Exiltaiwanesin die zeitlebens feuchte Gummiregenmäntel (und sonst nichst) trug- von denen sie abertausende besaß. Billy und Joe wurden diesen strengen Geschöpf gleichzeitig hörig, was Suzie Wong nicht davon abhielt Mietkiller anzuheuern, die unsere beiden Helden qualvoll liquidieren sollten, sozusagen als Krönung der Verzehrung. Billy und Joe führen uns hier in die fremde bizarre Welt der Fetischismus/Sado-Masochismus, die sie begleitet von einem senilen tibetenischen Buddhistenorchester in der Art Eric Saties Orchesterstückchen neu erstrahlen lassen. 1984 starb Suzie Wong an Diptherie.

11. Babies Ein Melodrama im pseudo Phillysound. Begleitet von den kurzatmigen Streichern der Leprakolonie Bangla Desh lassen Billy & Joe den Antigroove in leptosome Teenagerbeine zucken. Ob "Babies" ein Liebeslied, ein Anti Drogen Song oder nur beim Abstauben ihrer umfangreichen Latex-Cat-Suit-Sammlung enstand, wird wohl immer ein Rätsel bleben.

12. Ma Baker Ein musikalisches Breitwandspektaklel, die Geschichte von Ma Baker und ihren missratenen Söhnen. Eine inzestiöse Tragödie mit vernichtendem Ausgang, Mutterliebe an ihrer Grenze! Dieser prickelnde Moffettsoundtrack wurde 1969 von Roger Corman als "Bloody Mama" mit Shelly Winters und Robert de Niro in Szene gesetzt.

13. Psychedelic Jacqueline Pygmalion - My fair Lady - Psychedelic Jaqueline. Eine große halluzinierende Operette um unerfüllte Leidenschaft, aufgenommen in der schier endlosen Weite zwischen den beiden Gipfeln des Kilimanscharo. Als musikalischer Direktor konnte Haile Selassi gewonnen werden, das Echo der Berge fingen fleißige, angemietete Burundi-Boys mit den Händen ein. So konnte dieses tonale Epos der Nachwelt erhalten bleiben.

14. China Rock Text und Melodie dieses Asia-Schmockers fand sich zufällig in einem chinesischen Glückskekes. Big " Betty" Moffett zierpt hier ihre ihre gesamte Unschuld in die Waagschale, so daß blinde Zen- Bogenschützen ihr Ziel nimmermehr finden ( so laute die Prophezeiung). Ebensogut hätte es allerdings auch eine chinesische Tütensuppe mit frisch Ingwerstückchen getan. Bon appètit.

15. Juice -The Rain Parade - Epilogue Anno 1979 saßen Joe und Billy in einer Arrestzelle eines ukrainischen Bergdorfes, wo sie wegen Zechprellerei in Tateinheit mit defetistischen Reden ,eingesperrt wurden. Dort haderten sie ihrem Schicksal nach einem dreitägigen Demagogenkongress mit anderen ungeliebten, weinerlichen Dissidenten. Der bulgarische (!) Geheimdienst ( bekannt aus Funk und Fernsehen wegen seiner vergifteten Regenschirmprojektile ) zeichnete alles - aus Gründen die bis heute im Verborgenen liegen- auf und der Playboy Club konnte nach dem Fall des eisenernen Vorhangs dieses musikalische Kleinod im Tausch mit einer gebrauchten Helanca-Damenstrumpfhose zurückerstehen.

16. B.O.'s Dream Wenn das Rückwärtsorakel träumt, muß man nur diesen Trauminhalt umdrehen und man hat immer recht. Es sei denn, das Rückwartsorakel lügt und das tut es oft genug. FAZIT: Umgekert wird ein Schuh draus.