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Record info:

Produced by Majid Katzer and Billy Moffett's Playboy Club
Recorded and mixed at the Chambre Separée exept "You don't own me" Recorded and mixed at Rosebud Studios N.Y.C.
Mastered at S.N.B.

Coverpainting by: J. Tuchenhagen
Coverdesign and layout: Billy Moffett
/ bidet
Photos by Stefano Boragno

All songs and lyrics written by Joe and Billy Moffett exept "Nitelife" (Unknown),
"You don't own me" (J. Madara/D.White) and "Milk!(Reprise) by (Majid Katzer/Billy Moffet/J.M.Moffet)

Published by Strange Ways
Dedicated to Muammar el Gaddafi's life guard

Billy Moffett's Playboy Club is:
Joe 'Mirage' Moffett: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Billy Moffett: electric and acoustic
guitars, slide, sitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Pete 'Blindeye' Moffett:
electric and acoustic guitars, bongos
Big 'Betty' Moffett: backing vocals, extraordinary moaning

Special appearance:
Majid Katzer: harp, jew's harp, slide, hurdy guitar, strang arrangements, synth
Stiff Frozen: drums
Wueterich: acoustic bass
Hobbit House Choir: vocals

Special secret appearance:


A: White Milk Side
1) Milk! (Prologue)
2) Soho
3) Gallows high
4) Where the stars always shine
5) Misery
6) The Cock
7) Wild Mary

B: Chocolate Milk Side
1) You don't own me
2) Charlie
3) Nitelife
4) Me and Jerusalem
5) Here comes God
6) Milk! (Reprise)


liner notes:

A: White Milk Side
1) Milk! (Prologue)
The Sound of Uncle Tom´s voice.

2) Soho
A silent sad Song about getting old and lonely at a Strange place. See the shimmering lights
in the streets, hot rain over "peep-shows", bars, snacks'n'clubs. Stagger totally pissed through
doors, which will not he open anymore. Put your nose into the old underwear of your ex-lover.
This is real suffering and that in Soho. Enjoy it and feel like E.G.Robinson in "Brother Orchid".

3) Gallows high
Gallows High is about very attractive outlaws, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor.
One day the mob got'em, but with dignity they spit the death into his empty eye. Yeah,
it's a good day to bang. The track was recorded in a very early morning, at a secret ritual
place in the Mojawe-desert l USA. It's dedicated to all gallow-freaks especially to William
S. Burroughs' "Naked lunch".

4) Where the stars always shine
Forget your sorrows up in the Sky with B.M.P.C. "First I saw your face and then all the colours
came! "What else can an old foolish dropout say to the girl he loves. And then they look together
into the Night of White Satin and see the place where the bars always shine.Great honest stuff !!!

5) Misery
This soap-Opera about a beauty and a beast was recorded live in a cornfield near Seattle/USA.
While tracking we were all making love. Unfortunately after that we were arrested in the narre
of the "Kellogg's Company" for f$?*ing in their cornflakes.

6) The Cock
There is nothing to say about it, except that we like Spike Tones and the good old Rhino-Brothers.
We tuned it in the chickenfactory of LPG Zwickau/GDR.

7) Wild Mary
She's a Big strong woman who likes bettet to care for herself than for her masochisic boyfriend.
She's opium for him, there is no escape. A raunchy noisy track with some nice guitars inspired
by a rhinoceros stampede and a dirty backdoor whip party. Perhaps you can hear " Zep" or
"Birth Control", but who cares?

B: Chocolate Milk Side
1) You don't own me
This midfifty-smasher from Leslie Gore, performed by B.M.P.C. is for all female sixteen year old
runaways, who fight for a new homo every day or night. The choir was sang by forty nice dwarfs
who work in a Club at Manila/Philippiner, called the "Hobbit House". It's the best live music club there,
a great atmosphere with mysterious drinks and drugs.

2) Charlie
Charlie Manson is in prison, hut his evil mind lives still in the brain of a young catholic farm boy.
And Charlie speaks to bim, let him do all these crazy ritual sick things... A splatterstory about
butcher knives, chainsaws and spears, dressed up in a Bavarian folksong.
This tune is for the vegetarians of the world.

3) Nitelife
These dark nitelife prophecies were first played by the "Deltinos" in the early sixties.It is recorded
LIVE by B.M.P.C in the Crypt of "Rex III" (the best friend of Rudolfo Valentino) at a dog cementary
near Las Vegas/USA. Smoke a wet cigarette and smell the cheap taste of nitelife on your tongue.
Bon Appetit

4) Me and Jerusalem
Recorded in a Bombay shopping center/India.Two friends who wanted to spend their lives together
in good and in bad times, but met Jesus Christ and after that a nose was broken and the friends
were no friends anymore. The Indian Communist Party used it as their revolution-hymn (in their
own arrangement), but we didn't mind - what is a riot without great songs?

5) Here comes God
A sad story, a review called life. The end of the film. And no happy-end. Becaure you're not satisfied,
when you're dying useless for wrong ideals and for wrong gods. A great epos, inspired by
Thompson's "Pop 1280" and cheap British war movies.

6) Milk! (Reprise)

All in one. Lay down, dose your eyes and wait 'til the pictures come.
Warning: Religious fanatics beware ! If you play the "reprise" backwards an your stereo, you'll hear
some satanic messages. Last but not least, when the door is closed the music´s over.