Moffet Mania
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Record info:

All tracks remixed by Majid Katzer

Aloas to:
Yosele 4, Kralle Krawinkel and the Dirt Boys, The Underground Killers,
Willy the pimp and the Stasi Studios (East Berlin), The Perc meets the Hidden
Gentleman and Rico for bg voices

This CD compilation is dedicated to all whip ladies with bad taste and hunger for love.


1) Animal Girl*
2) Poptone Cloud
3) Me and Jerusalem
4) Where the stars always shine
5) Silverfish
6) Arco
7) Simple Life
8) The Cock
9) Airplane to Cairo
10) Wild Mary (stomp)**
11) Here comes god
12) Misery
13) Love hurts
14) Charlie
15) Gallows High
16) Soho
17) Nite Life
18) The hole in the kitchen
19) Albatros oracle: Dog lick*

* previously unreleased
** previously unreleased in this form