The Radio File # 1
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Record info:

Limited edition of 500 copies

"The single is dedicated to all female hitchhikers and
hijackers on wonderfull mother Earth."

Produced by B.M.P.C. and Majid Katzer at "Jesus Gang Bang" Montreal/Canada
Coverpainting: Harmut Schröder
Photo: Christoph Harder



A: Poptone 1991 [Bolwin/Unruh/Katzer]
(Mama Mushrrom-Mix)
Feat. Yossele IV

Line up:
Billy Moffett - acoustic guitar
Joe 'Mirage' Moffett - vocals, rythm bed
Yossele IV - wah guitar, rythm bed, programming, sampling

B: Mother Superior [Bolwin/Unruh/Post]

Line up:
Billy Moffett - acoustic guitar, rythm bed
Joe 'Mirage' Moffett - vocals, background vocals
'Big' Betty Moffett - background vocals, bad jokes
Pete 'Blindeye' Moffett - electric guitar